How To: Make Project Management Easier Than Ever with This Professional Tool, Now Almost Half Off

Make Project Management Easier Than Ever with This Professional Tool, Now Almost Half Off

Did you know there is a simple trick to making beautiful, professional charts? Whether for your work or for making running your own business easier, Edraw Project Software will make all your projects simple. Right now, a Perpetual License, which includes three-year upgrades and maintenance, is on sale for almost half off, at just $89.99 — that's a 49% discount off the regular price of $179.

The super user-friendly Edraw Project allows you to quickly and easily create Gantt charts customized to you — so you'll never have to worry about designing complicated, useful charts again.

But what's really special about this software is that it goes beyond just creating charts to become a complete project management tool. Allowing you to schedule all your activities, oversee every aspect of your projects, and actively set, measure, and track your progress for each task on a project, this easy-to-use program is a total solution to all your business's project management needs, to keep you totally in control of the work at hand.

And, when we say easy-to-use, we mean easy-to-use: think drag-and-drop simplicity and the ability to share a project status with others in just a click.

This software also allows you to balance available resources and future growth effortlessly, estimate costs, and manage budgets, including overtime rates, as well as generate reports to capture specific project information in summary views — and to export a Gantt chart to MS Office file format, as well as others.

Take control of your projects and make management a breeze today with Edraw Project Software: Perpetual License + 3-Yr Upgrades & Maintenance, on sale with 49% off right now, for just $89.99 (regular price $179).

Prices subject to change.

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