How To: Practice Using Essential Tools of the IT Trade with This Value Bundle

Practice Using Essential Tools of the IT Trade with This Value Bundle

If you're trying to get your start in the web development and IT field, then one of the best places to begin is by building confidence with your coding by practicing Python and sharing your work on Git & Github. The Learn Python & Django Developer Bundle can help get you up to speed in Python, Django, Git & Github, and more, and right now it's on sale for $29.99.

Though there are many coding languages, a few stand out as the most commonly used. Python is one of them. Python is used for everything from game design to data analysis, and learning it means you have a diverse skill that you can apply to a variety of jobs. This bundle includes 6 courses that will teach you basic and advanced skills with Python. Courses like "Complete Python Master Class: Learn Python Programming by Building Projects" will give you the hands-on introduction you need to Python before building on it in more advanced courses like "Python Programming Advanced: Understanding Weird Concepts."

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Git & Github are essential tools for programmers, whether they're professionals or hobbyists. Git is a tool that will allow you to save and restore your work as you do it. If you make a mistake or just want to return to an earlier version of your code, Git will do that, and this bundle can show you how. Github is an extension of Git that allows you to connect to other programmers and see their work and get feedback on yours. This is an essential tool, and in this bundle it's taught by Shubham Sarda, a software developer, digital marketer, and teacher who is currently ranked among the Top 700 freelancers with over 2500 projects on Fiverr, PeopePerHour, freelance, and more.

Django works alongside Python to improve the quality of your work and offer you resources that can address some of the problems that frequently arise while using Python. The "Django Master Class: Complete Web Development with Python" will teach you how to make the most of Django and do more work with less effort.

Learn from 31 hours of materials at your own pace because you'll have them for life. You can get The Learn Python & Django Developer Bundle, bringing the total price down to $29.99 from $1,600.

Price subject to change.

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