How To: A Father's Day Discount on Bluetooth Earbuds Sounds Great

A Father's Day Discount on Bluetooth Earbuds Sounds Great

The draw of wireless earbuds is convenience, and many still offer the same sound performance as their wired counterparts. The difficult part is finding a pair that will stay in your ear reliably, work when you need them, and give you the best audio quality.

Bluetooth EarPods with Touch Control HD Voice pack everything you're looking for into a compact rechargeable case. For a very limited time, they're only $39.99 if you use the code WELOVEDAD for a Father's Day discount.

If a pair of wired earbuds slip out of your ear, it's annoying, but it's not a huge problem. You grab the dangling rogue bud and plop it back in. If a wireless earbud doesn't fit, then it can get hurt, lost, or interrupt your music for much longer than you're up for. These wireless earbuds are shaped to fit snugly, and in the rare event that they do fall, you can worry a bit less because they are water-resistant.

When you're not using your earbuds, store them in their rechargeable case that is also the hub for many other earbud controls. From there, you can see how much power is left in each earbud, and a touch sensor will let you connect or disconnect calls and adjust the volume. When you want to start listening to music again, these earbuds will automatically pair with selected devices and connect at a distance using Bluetooth 5.0. You can use your earbuds for 6–8 hours at a time before you need to charge them.

The audio quality is one of the most important standards any pair of earbuds has to live up to. You need to be able to hear all the details and nuances of your music while also choosing how much of the world beyond you can hear. These Bluetooth earbuds have noise-canceling technology to give you sharp HD voice and music output, while the intuitive volume controls will let you quickly emerge from the immersion of your music.

For a short time, you can get a pair of Bluetooth EarPods with Touch Control HD Voice for $39.99 if you use the code WELOVEDAD for 20% off. Otherwise, the price hops back up to $49. Give yourself a rocking soundtrack or just avoid those conversations that drone on endlessly.

Prices subject to change.

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