How To: Up Your Linux Game with This $19.99 Bundle

Up Your Linux Game with This $19.99 Bundle

When we think about operating systems, we tend to view them from the perspective of a user. After all, most of us have spent a substantial amount of time on our computers, and so we've become more than acquainted with the ins and outs of whatever system we have running on our personal device. But there is one operating system that, while being less commonly used on the user side, is behind a great deal of design and business technology: Linux.

If you want to learn how to use Linux, the Mastering Linux Development Bundle is the ideal path forward for your career and yourself. This bundle includes seven different online courses, each of which will augment your skills in the ins and outs of Linux technology. Some of these are Linux Basics for Beginners, Kali Linux Hacker Tools, and Mastering Linux Commands Line, and there's much more than that which you can dive into once you purchase the complete bundle.

Learning Linux can give you all sorts of advantages, both in your personal life and in the business world. Many critical systems run on Linux, as well as Ubuntu which is gone over in detail throughout a multitude of the courses within. Even if you aren't a beginner, or your experience with other platforms has given you a head start, there's still a great deal which will help you bring your understanding to a whole new level, such as bash shell scripting, port forwarding/tunneling, key-pairing, and kali terminal usage. If that's all Greek to you, don't worry: it will be completely and simply explained over the course of your lessons.

There's no reason to wait — the Mastering Linux Development Bundle is just $19.99, a bargain for the ability to gain 24/7 access to a plethora of resources that will allow you to become a Linux expert in no time — and put down an investment in yourself.

Prices subject to change.

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