How To: Read a Book Faster Than You Can Eat Lunch with 12min's Massive 'Microbook' Library

Read a Book Faster Than You Can Eat Lunch with 12min's Massive 'Microbook' Library

Reading is as gratifying as it is time-consuming, the more you put it off, the bigger your to-be-read stack gets. Eventually, that stack will become a shelf, then a case, and then even if you want to read, who has the emotional fortitude to pick just one from all those unread books. With 12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription you can read an entire book from start to finish in 12 minutes without losing any of the meaning, and it's on sale now for $39.

Working, living, and sleeping take a lot of time, and no matter how much you'd love to start working your way through your pile of best sellers, you just don't have the time to invest and digest a new book. 12min can give you condensed versions of some of the most popular titles, allowing you to read, get the message and the value, and then get back to your life. 12min currently has 1,800 microbooks that you can choose from, and every single one of those books can be read and processed in 12 minutes each. You could get through nearly 2000 books in 3 weeks if you wanted to.

Book topics range from personal development to science and technology, and they're titles you're more than likely familiar with. Books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Power of Habit, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, and Rich Dad Poor Dad make up a sampling of some of the best-known titles 12min has to offer, but there are so many more beyond them. Every month you use 12min, you will get 30 new books that you can read before you finish breakfast. You can have your books sent to a Kindle account so you can read wherever you are, even if you don't have wifi. 12min books also come in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so if your excuse for not reading was that the book isn't in your language, there's a strong chance you lost that excuse.

You can start reading full books in the space of 12 minutes with 12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription, now on sale for $39.

Prices subject to change

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