How To: Save Your Most Important Memories Forever with Secure Cloud Storage

Save Your Most Important Memories Forever with Secure Cloud Storage

Losing your important data can be more painful than losing the hardware the data was stored on. Precious memories, files you don't often access but always want to have, there's so much you store on impermanent devices that you can't live without. Backing up your information to a secure, cloud-based location is the best way to stave off disaster here. Polar Backup Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage will give you an unlimited amount of cloud storage while making the process super easy.

One of the most frustrating things about losing your data is when you know you should have backed it up, or you actually have backed it up but not recently enough to make much of a difference. Polar Backup is different because you can set the schedule for your backups and decide exactly what information gets backed up. Save files to locations you've set to automatically back up, and you'll never have to worry about losing them. Once they're uploaded, you can also rest assured that your information is completely safe. Polar uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, which is as good as you're likely to find.

This deal is for one year of limitless cloud storage, and in that year you can start to see just how much more relaxing it is to be able to work, live, and save memories when you know those memories are going to be around for as long as you are. Old family recipes can be uploaded and saved along with beautiful pictures you took with the drone your family bought you. Your data will be as readily available as it would be if it was on your personal computer much safer.

You can get the Polar Backup Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage for only $44.99 (price subject to change) if you take advantage of the deal below on our Gadget Hacks shop.

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