How To: Broaden Your Mac's Horizons with This 5-App Bundle

Broaden Your Mac's Horizons with This 5-App Bundle

As great as Macs are, they're often limited by the apps you have installed. Your computer might have the processing power to render a 4-hour movie in the time it takes you to have lunch, but if you don't have the right apps, you're not putting all that power to use. The All-Star Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro gives you access to programs that will put your Mac to use and give you the best functionality out of it, and right now this whole bundle is on sale for $49.99.

The All-Star Mac Bundle comes with five apps that will give a huge boost to what you can do with your Mac. Two of these apps are geared toward making your daily life a little easier. BusyContacts will display and organize your contacts based on your directions and activity, so you won't have to fuss and search through all your contacts whenever you need one. Similarly functional, PDFChef will let you open, read, create, and edit PDF files so you won't have to go through the trouble of converting them every time you have to change something or fill one out.

Macs have a reputation for being some of the safest machines you can work with, but even they aren't going to give you total browsing privacy and keep your information from ending up on some website you never touched. With this bundle, you will also get a lifetime subscription to FastestVPN. This top-notch VPN will let you enjoy private browsing, complete ad blocking, and totally bypass geographical browsing restrictions.

Just as FastestvPN expands your browsing capabilities, Parallels Pro gives a massive boost to what your Mac can do. With Parallels Pro, you can run thousands of Windows-exclusive programs, including games, and run them as if they were your Mac's native software. Parallels Pro is perfect if you're working from home and need to use Windows software to do it.

To top it all off, this bundle also comes with Moho Debut, so you can create your own 2D movies, cartoons, and animations. You can start using your Mac to the fullest if you get The All-Star Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro, an $876 value that's on sale now for $49.

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