How To: Work from Home in Style with This All-in-One Kit

Work from Home in Style with This All-in-One Kit

Learning to work from home doesn't just require you to figure out how to do your work remotely. You also have to build a workstation that gets you in the professional mindset. Otherwise, you might start feeling the stress of working at home.

If you don't have a workspace, you're not just working at home, or you're living at work, that's a stress that is as insidious as it is totally avoidable. The Work From Home Kit is your first step toward establishing a comfortable and productive home office, and right now, you can get it for $99.99 while it's on sale for 25% off.

The Work From Home Kit includes a Smart Lens, Smart Light, and Telescopic Phone Stand. The lens adds a wider view to your phone or laptop camera, perfect for long video calls where you don't want your face to be the only focal point on your screen. The lens comes with high-grade optics that give you excellent video quality rather than the grainy view you may have seen in meetings with some of your colleagues or clients. If you don't want to use it for your laptop, the Smart Lens also works great for smartphones and tablets.

The Smart Light lets you control the lighting of your workspace, so you won't have to worry about unflattering harsh fluorescents or overhead light that casts deep shadows on your face. From one convenient App interface, you can choose from 20 shooting modes to match how you want to be seen. You won't have to be self-conscious about the look of your workspace anymore with this customizable light.

The Telescopic Phone Stand gives you 360-degree rotation for landscape or portrait photos or video angles. It works almost like a mini selfie stick or an endoscope camera because you can manipulate it to take perfect shots or use it as a base for video chats using your phone. It gives you a convenient second screen to use in your workspace where before, you would have had to pick up and set down your phone constantly. The compact design means it will fit well in any home office or workstation setup.

You can start working from home in style with the Work From Home Kit, now on sale for $99.99, while it's 25% off.

Prices subject to change.

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