How To: Protect Your Information on Up to 10 Devices with This Thrifty VPN

Protect Your Information on Up to 10 Devices with This Thrifty VPN

Your privacy is important, especially online. Almost anywhere you go on the internet, you leave a trail of data that companies can use without your permission. VPNs are the easiest way to keep your browsing private and your information safe. Ivacy VPN is one such service, and it's one of the best deals you can get on a VPN because it will cover 5 of your devices for a lifetime, and this is a two-account bundle, so you'll be able to cover 10 total devices for $49.99.

More than likely, you'd rather other people not know your bank account numbers, credit card information, have pictures and videos of you, or records of your sensitive information. That's the kind of thing most people want to keep to themselves. Ivacy can do that for you because browsing without a VPN is leaving that critical information exposed.

With 256-bit encryption, you can lock down your browsing without losing any speed or access to any of your favorite sites. In fact, with Ivacy, you'll be able to move even more freely around the internet because region-blocked content doesn't work if websites think you're coming from a different region. You can protect yourself from hackers and, at the same time, watch Canadian Netflix or German YouTube.

Many internet service providers synthetically slow your connection speed for a variety of reasons that amount to giving you a much slower connection. This makes it so much harder to do basic tasks like download videos or the more bandwidth-intensive operations you need to work from home. With Ivacy, you can completely bypass that frustration and continue to enjoy the internet exactly how you want it. This bundle comes with 2 accounts, and you can choose to use both of them for your devices or give one set to a friend.

You can get Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription for 5 Devices (2-Account Bundle) on sale now for $49.99.

Prices subject to change

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