How To: Discover the Unbelievably Easy Way to Animate Your Own Cartoons with This Animation Software Bundle for Mac

Discover the Unbelievably Easy Way to Animate Your Own Cartoons with This Animation Software Bundle for Mac

Did you know there's a way to make animating your own cartoons that's way easier than it looks — and that you can learn all the skills you need from home? Whether you want to pick up a fun, creative hobby over the holiday season or learn the skills to start working in animation, The Ultimate Cartoon Animator 4 Pro Mac Bundle will have you quickly making your own cartoons. Right now, it's on sale for 74% off, at just $49.99 (regular price $196).

This useful bundle includes everything you need to make your own animations, including lifetime subscriptions to both the training and the software.

Cartoon Animator 4 PRO for Mac is a professional level animation software that'll have you animating characters in no time. Whether it's for online cartoons, producing videos, presentations, or social media, you'll be shocked at the level of high-end detail you can animate using this simple tool, even at a beginner's level.

Highlights of this user-friendly 2D animation software include turning images into animated characters, generating an impressive automatic lip-sync animation from audio, 2D visual effects, and even incredibly detailed facial and speech animations — all from scratch.

It comes highly reviewed, too, with DigitalArts naming it the "Easiest way for illustrators to animate." At the same time, the experts at TopTenReviews awarded it in one of the Top 3 Best 2D Animation Software of 2019.

This complete bundle also includes a guided course that will teach you the fundamentals of animation, with the 12 Principles of Animation Course, taught by film industry veteran and TED speaker Mark Diaz. Not only will this teach you the theoretical concepts behind animating, but it will guide you through practical projects to put the new skills you learn into practice, to turn you from beginner to adept animator in a matter of hours.

Start animating today with The Ultimate Cartoon Animator 4 Pro Mac Bundle, on sale right now for just $49.99 — that's an amazing 74% off the regular price of $196.

Prices subject to change.

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