How To: Stay Connected Anywhere in the World with This Compact LTE Hotspot

Stay Connected Anywhere in the World with This Compact LTE Hotspot

The ability to stay connected online regardless of your environment is incredibly valuable. Being able to access the internet during a blackout, check your messages while camping, or get in contact with emergency services while you're out in the middle of nowhere can be the difference between a brief inconvenience and prolonged suffering. The DuoTurbo 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot with Complimentary 9 GB Data can give you that easy, constant connectivity, and right now it's on sale for $152.99 — 10% off.

The DuoTurbo is slim and easily portable while still packing a powerful connection you can take virtually anywhere. No SIM card is required to get global coverage supporting all major mobile carriers. The dual-modem technology allows for continuous Wi-Fi with seamless 4G failover, giving you a stable connection wherever you can get a signal.

Setting up your DuoTurbo is easy and quick, which is perfect because if you're in dire need of a hotspot, you don't want to wait even longer to go through a complex setup process. 3.7 billion people in the world don't have access to the internet, and if you're traveling somewhere where you can't find a connection, then a hotspot can be your bridge back to the places you left behind. The DuoTurbo covers more than 140 countries around the world, and that compatibility will open the world back up to you.

You can connect up to 10 smart devices to this hotspot at once, which is great if you are traveling with a group or just want to make some friends. Running for 13 hours at a time, this compact shareable network isn't just a quick, inconsistent connection to an email inbox that won't even load or license to suffer through a buffering song that would sound great on your new earbuds if only it would load. Once you have your own mobile hotspot, using it works on a pay-as-you-go agreement, so you aren't stuck with a contract you can't break out of. Data plans start as low as $159 USD in the United States.

You can get a DuoTurbo 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot with Complimentary 9 GB Data on sale for $152.99 now.

Prices subject to change

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