How To: This Ergonomic Controller Is Perfect for Content Creators at Only $149.99

This Ergonomic Controller Is Perfect for Content Creators at Only $149.99

For a long time, digital creators have had to make do with clumsy mice that don't capture the minute movements they need to do their best work. Unless you were willing to spend potentially over $600 for a drawing tablet with a high-resolution screen, you were stuck with a mouse. Creators who work with audio or video were just out of luck, period.

Now, if you want precision, dexterity, and comfort while you use Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, Capture One, and so many other photo, video, and audio editors, then what you really want is the TourBox Neo: The Ultimate Controller for Creators. It's currently on sale for $149.99, which is 21% off its original price.

This unique and comfortable controller gives you versatile knobs that will offer much more precise movements as you go about your work. Controls are easily calibrated for precision, speed, accuracy, and acceleration. The ergonomic layout will give you access to the controls much more effortlessly than switching between mouse or keyboard or tablet. If you still want your mouse or tablet, the TourBox Neo is designed to work alongside them.

The Tourbox Neo works well with all the industry standards creators will be familiar with in visual art, video and audio editing, and graphic design. This easily customizable tool makes work fast and efficient on Windows or Mac devices.

Give yourself the gift of precision and control, and see your creations improve in quality and require less frustration to produce. If you work with Photoshop, this controller will let you make tiny, delicate movements easily. If you're making top-rated audio and video productions, the TourBox Neo will give you ease of motion as you make those repetitive edits that would normally strain your hands.

Typically going for $190, the TourBox Neo: The Ultimate Controller for Creators is on sale for $149.99 now, so grab it while it's hot.

Prices subject to change

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