How To: Never Search for Apps Again with Setapp

Never Search for Apps Again with Setapp

When smartphones were first getting popular, apps were much more limited in scope. Because of that, it was easier to find better programs to do what was needed. Now, in the App Store alone, there are nearly two million apps for you to choose from. When you're just looking for an app that will work well for the task at hand, two million is a lot to sort through.

With a Setapp: 1-Year Subscription, you can get access to over 200 carefully curated macOS, iOS, and iPadOS apps for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad so that you won't have to sift through literally millions of options. Setapp is on sale now for $69, and that's all it takes to start getting high-quality apps straight to your phone or computer.

Setapp is meant to save you time and provide the best apps you'll need, saving you even more time. In terms of productivity services, Setapp is second to none because of its curated collection of hundreds of apps it can recommend to you.

You will be able to browse a library of apps organized by topic so that you can easily find tools for creativity, finance, lifestyle improvements, and so much more. You will also be able to use each of these apps without in-app purchases or ads, which in itself is already an enormous breath of fresh air.

When you're searching for an app on your own, finding the right one isn't the end of the journey, unfortunately. Apps update frequently, and developers often build a follow-up app rather than only changing the first one. Often, that means you'll have to pay to upgrade to the next level of an app you already like.

Setapp always gives you the latest version of the apps and software you grow to rely on without requiring more money for an upgrade. Your apps will even be automatically synced across all your Apple devices. So if you find the perfect app for taking notes, meal planning, or coding, you'll have it on each of your synced devices with no extra effort.

You can stop the search for apps now by getting Setapp: 1-Year Subscription, on sale now for $69.

Prices subject to change.

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