Deal Alert: VPN Unlimited Is Only $39 Right Now for a Lifetime License

VPN Unlimited Is Only $39 Right Now for a Lifetime License

Working from home is already challenging. Add the threat of a cyberattack into the mix, and the situation gets even hairier.

Hackers know that we're spending more time online, and the number of pandemic-related schemes is growing. While protecting yourself online is always essential, it's especially important right now.

KeepSolid is the creator of top-rated VPN Unlimited, which allows you to surf with complete security and anonymity so hackers can't draw a bead on you.

VPN Unlimited gives you access to one of the top VPN solutions in the world. Over 10 million customers use this service to protect their data while they browse, and with no bandwidth or speed restrictions, you'll get access to whatever you need quickly, including popular streaming services.

VPN Unlimited sports 400 servers and 80 global locations (check the full list here), and the service comes with extra handy features like ping tests, trusted networks, and favorite servers. The military-grade AES 256-bit encryption also has a kill switch that will keep you safe even if your connection drops out.

In short, VPN Unlimited is built from end-to-end with keeping your browsing safe and far from the reach of malicious cybercriminals.

Right now, you can take advantage of a steep price drop on a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited. Normally retailing for $199.99, a lifetime plan is only $39 today.

Price subject to change.

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