How To: Learn the Essentials of Accounting to Boost Profit Margins in Your Small Business

Learn the Essentials of Accounting to Boost Profit Margins in Your Small Business

Tax season is always stressful, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Rather than wait until March to get your finances in order every year, learning how to keep track of your expenses is a valuable skill that saves you and your business time, money, and plenty of anxiety.

The 2020 Accounting Mastery Bootcamp Bundle is a lifesaver for anyone that wants to get their business's accounting in order. This five-course package also includes valuable lessons on finance for non-financial professionals and a detailed guide to running payroll that is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners.

An introduction to bookkeeping and accounting teaches you how to manage accounts, track sales, and reconcile payments. After learning the basics of payroll management, there's a deep dive into profit analysis and a section on buying and selling long-term assets.

Paying attention to the minutia of accounting is necessary if you want to grow your business. An intermediate course in bookkeeping demystifies inventory management, tax preparation, and fraud protection. The financial course for non-finance professionals covers the basics of balancing sheets, understanding profits and losses, budgeting, and forecasting.

Lessons on business math introduce you to practical instruction on compound interest, debits, credits, and investments. Meanwhile, the course on payroll management helps you stay on top of everything your employees and contractors need, including government regulations, benefits, and payroll cycles.

All of these skills teach you how to become a better decision-maker. Being able to see the forest for the trees affords you a bird's-eye view of the totality of your business.

This bundle is taught by professionals from Excel With Business, a top online business training platform that has taught over 1,000,000 students.

The 2020 Accounting Mastery Bootcamp Bundle is on sale now for just $29.99. You'll save 98% off the original price while ensuring that your business's finances stay in check.

Price subject to change.

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