Deal Alert: Grab This Microsoft Office Beginner's Guide for Only $35

Grab This Microsoft Office Beginner's Guide for Only $35

Since its release back in 1988, Microsoft Office has been the top client and server software suite for businesses around the world. Office's domination is thanks to both Microsoft's extraordinary foresight and their continual updates and innovations to ensure that companies always get what they need.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office will help you master some of the top programs in this amazing suite. Right now the 12-course bundle is on sale for only $34.99.

All three of the main applications — Excel, PowerPoint, and Word — are broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses. There are also beginner and advanced level courses for two other programs, Outlook and Access, for a total of 986 lectures.

Excel has transformed from a simple spreadsheet program into one of the most powerful data analytics tools around. In this course bundle, you'll discover just how much it now offers.

PowerPoint is the go-to software for slide presentations and pitch decks. Every speaker knows how important a good deck is when presenting to a crowd. Over the course of 101 lectures, you'll take your skills up a few notches.

Then there's Word, the classic word processing software. These invaluable lessons will help you turn a blank page into whatever you dream up, including tips on image placement, page orientation, and graphic placement.

Microsoft Office doesn't end there. While Outlook is primarily an email application, there are extensive features to help you orient your schedule and contacts so you can get more done throughout the day.

Lastly, Access is a top-notch database management system that allows you to work with queries, forms, reports, and macros at an advanced level, and the included courses will get you up to speed. As Carrie Armenta of Oaktree Capital Management says, "Introduction to Access was an excellent class, and thoroughly enjoyable! The instructor was knowledgeable enough to give tips and explanations that went beyond the lesson books."

You can get The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office now for just $34.99 and save over 90% off the original price.

Price subject to change. Software not included.

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