Deal Alert: Become a Digital Marketing Guru for $44.99 — TikTok, Fiverr, Mailchimp & More Platforms

Become a Digital Marketing Guru for $44.99 — TikTok, Fiverr, Mailchimp & More Platforms

Confused by TikTok? Trying to grow your Instagram fanbase? Aiming to create the perfect Facebook ad? Growing an audience might be challenging, but with the right strategies, it is possible — and fun.

The 12 courses included in The 2020 Complete Digital Marketing for Beginners Bundle offer a wide range of platforms to choose from, from TikTok and Instagram to Mailchimp and YouTube. Every platform has its idiosyncrasies. By putting in a little time and effort, however, the potential for rapid growth exists.

If you've ever wondered why your reach isn't growing, a 30-lesson course in SEO optimization teaches you the ins and outs of moving on up the ranks of Google. By understanding backlinks and citations, you'll create a roadmap for your SEO strategy.

One of the most valuable pieces of territory is the inbox. A 25-lesson course on email marketing includes information on segmented email capture lists, increasing your reach to potential customers, and designing the perfect email campaign for your brand.

Maybe you have a wealth of knowledge that you want to share — and monetize. A 291-lesson course on selling master classes is right up your alley. You'll develop a sales strategy and be guided through the entire sales process. You'll also learn valuable negotiation skills, including a lesson on managing your emotions while trying to sell.

There's also the social media side, featuring deep dives into TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Sellers will love the course on Mercari, while designers will learn the details of Fiverr. Finally, there's an ad selling course that will guide you through the above platforms, as well as LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Wordpress, and a social media marketing master course.

The 2020 Complete Digital Marketing for Beginners Bundle is currently being offered at a price drop of $44.99, a 98% savings off the list price. Don't miss out on this amazing deal.

Price subject to change.

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