How To: Averox Business Management Puts Business in Your Browser for $79

Averox Business Management Puts Business in Your Browser for $79

The majority of us have been shown, again and again, that we want our own business. Business software is making this a reality by automating and simplifying the complex parts of running any company.

Whether you're stepping up your side hustle or launching your own business, a lifetime subscription to Averox Business Management is just $79 today, a 98% discount.


Keeping your marketing work organized can be a job in of itself. Averox gives you tools that make your contacts and campaigns easy to manage, including:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to track where you are in the sales funnel.
  • Sales campaign tools to organize, launch, and analyze how effective your marketing is, from who opened and clicked to who called and why.
  • Emails & Newsletters set up eblasts and regular newsletter contacts, let you design from templates in the browser, and get started with getting in touch.
  • Contact Management for organizing your leads, and how hot they're becoming.
  • Business Contact Organization for tracking client relationships.
  • Events Management for your virtual events, webinars, and in-person presentations.
  • Chat tools so customers can get in touch quickly and you can maintain the best customer experience.

Accounting & Legal

The legal and financial aspect of business can be intimidating, even for accountants and lawyers. While you should still consider an outside expert for your business, there's no reason to let the day-to-day trip you up. The Averox suite gives you everything you need to manage the daily back-end, including:

  • Bookkeeping & accounting that's automated so you get your receivables and payables logged and out the door.
  • eSigning that lets you get the paperwork out of the way wherever you are, instead of sitting on your desk waiting.
  • Document sharing so vital information is always at your fingertips and available to anybody who needs it, instead of locked in a file cabinet.

Staff & Inventory

Finally, there's keeping your staff on board, on track, and product on the shelves.

  • Task Management tools for scheduling, tracking, and visualizing the status of what needs to get done.
  • Inventory control for tracking orders and keeping your supply chains in order.
  • HR management that lets you hire, onboard, and get your employees up and running.

For just $79, Averox will help you transition your business from dream to reality. Make it your first smart business decision.

Price subject to change.

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