News: 3 Child-Proofing Products That Aren't Total Garbage

3 Child-Proofing Products That Aren't Total Garbage

I'm a new parent and I just moved into a new home. The first thing I wanted to do was ensure my toddler's safety in his new digs. That meant buying a bunch of baby-proofing products from Amazon, realizing most were junk, then buying some more until I found solutions for all my needs.

If you're in a similar boat, let me save you some trouble. These three child-proofing products are actually quality wares, unlike most of the cheap stuff in this category. Whether it's making a room simultaneously pet-friendly and baby-phobic, denying access to cabinets and drawers, or just keeping tiny fingers from getting pinched, there's a solid buy to fit your needs.

#1: Door Buddy

My cat's litter box is in the laundry room. So are the washer and dryer with their fancy buttons and dials. So naturally, this is the place to be if you're 18 months old.

But I can't outright close off the laundry room and deny the cat access to her litter box. So I needed a solution that would allow the cat to pass, but selectively deny access to any toddlers. Enter Door Buddy.

It's so freaking simple: a hook on an adjustable fabric strap and a latch that sticks onto anything. The adhesive that both of these elements use is similar to 3M Command Strips. So just attach the strap to the door and the hook to the jamb, and do it at a height your kid can't reach, then you'll be able to enter easily and so will your pets, but your kid will have to stay out.

#2: iTool Magnetic Cabinet Locks

This is a use-case any parent can relate to: there's a drawer or cabinet within a toddler's reach that contains things a toddler shouldn't have access to. Typically, you'd end up with an awkward, visible latch to keep the kid out, but not if you go with iTool's Magnetic Cabinet Locks.

The latches come with a jig that will align both the latch and the clasp, so all you have to do is find where you want to put the latch and stick it on. Then there's a small magnetic "key" that you can stick anywhere. Once everything's set up, just grab the key, put it where the latch is, then pull to open the cabinet or drawer. After a few tries, you'll get it down to where you can do it all in one quick motion!

#3: SafeStay Lid Stay

We have a toy box that my wife's dad made for her when she was a kid. It was a natural hand-me-down when we had our new baby, but it's not exactly toddler-safe. Like many things in the home, the lid can slam down and do some real damage to tiny baby fingers.

So I went and bought a SafeStay lid stay and couldn't be happier. The two biggest reasons? It holds the lid open when fully extended so it doesn't just fall right down on his head while he's poking around in the toy box, and its soft close feature saves his fingers from getting slammed as the lid closes.

It was super easy to install (took me about five minutes) and it works in many different configurations. So regardless of the hinge and lid type you're working with, there's a way to install it that will work for you.

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