News: The Best Touchscreen Gloves to Get You Through the Winter

The Best Touchscreen Gloves to Get You Through the Winter

Not that long ago, touchscreen-friendly gloves were an outlier accessory, something you had to track down at a specialty brick-and-mortar store or solely online. But as the smartphone has become an integral part of our lives, so, too, has the need for fashion accessories that cater to our desire to be always connected. So now, touchscreen gloves are everywhere.

But not all touchscreen gloves are created equal. With that in mind, we've collected some of what we think are the best touchscreen options out there to serve you in the coming winter months.

Although the method behind how touchscreen gloves work is now mainstream — using a conductive coating or conductive threads to allow an electrical current to pass between your hand and capacitive touchscreen devices — the implementations are as varied as pretty much any other tech accessory. Here are some of the best, depending on your particular needs.

Most Affordable


Just as wireless headphones were relatively affordable until they became fashionable (thanks, Apple), touchscreen gloves are often priced on the higher end compared to the actual quality of glove you're getting. So if you're just looking for a dead-simple, super cheap option, the Knolee touchscreen gloves, which you can buy here for just $5.99, are a good option.

Image via Knolee

Best Value


Of course, even when pinching pennies, many of us still like to make sure we're getting the best performance. Well, for a few bucks more, at $9.99 and available to buy here, the Achiou touchscreen gloves are among the best and most frequently reviewed budget touchscreen gloves we've seen.

Image via Amazon

Most Stylish

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Style and fashion are subjective. What's flashy to some might be understated to others. But when it comes to finding a can't-miss fashion staple, Polo by Ralph Lauren is almost always an easy choice. And despite the brand's frequently old school framing, the company does indeed have its own touchscreen gloves option, constructed of wool and cotton and one-size-fits-all, available to buy here for $49.

Image via Polo by Ralph Lauren

Most Rugged, Work-Friendly


Using mobile technology isn't limited to white-collar workers. Increasingly, people who work with their hands in factories and in the rugged outdoors need to access the wonders of smartphones and tablets while on the job. To meet that need, Timberland offers its Nubuck Glove with touchscreen tips, giving access to the tech, along with the normal tough glove exterior some are accustomed to. However, despite its purpose, the price is on par with many fashion accessories — you can buy a pair here for $100.

Image via Timberland

But let's say you still need the tried and true Timberland toughness but don't need as much protection (and you aren't ready to shell out so much cash). For those users, the Timberland Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Glove with touchscreen functionality is probably the best bet. Those are available to buy now here for $35.

Image via Timberland

Most Sporty


It's pretty common now to see even novice runners braving the coldest winter chill to get their routine in on the streets of major cities. But when it's time to answer a call or send a text, you may want to lay your hands on your device instead of Bluetoothing it. For those moments, you can avoid the cold by using Nike's Lightweight Tech Running Gloves, which you can buy now for $20.99.

Image via Nike

We had a hard time finding the aforementioned gloves in women's sizes, so you may want to try the Nike Dri-Fit Tempo Run Gloves for women, which come with a conductive thumb and forefinger tips. They look almost exactly like the first pair of Nike gloves we mentioned, but they'll cost you a bit more — you can buy them here for $39.54.

Image via Nike

Best Leather Option

Isotoner & ELMA

Some are under the misconception that wearing touchscreen mittens means that you can no longer sport a cool pair of leather gloves. Not so! Isotoner's Women's Classic Stretch Leather Touchscreen Cold Weather Gloves offer an incredibly fashionable option that will allow you to wear your most expensive cold-weather ensembles all while keeping the texting going. They're available to buy now for just $29.

Images via Isotoner

If you're looking for a solution that includes a bit of fancy inner lining, the ELMA Luxury Men's Touchscreen Texting Winter Italian Nappa Leather Dress Driving Gloves are a pretty slick alternative and yours to buy now for just $23.99.

Image via Amazon

Best Variety

The North Face

The North Face is one of the most trusted brands on the planet when it comes to protecting humans from the elements. But what you may not know is that the company excels at providing tech-enabled accessories. In this case, the company's Etip gloves are a rock-solid option for users who want to match up their North Face outwear with their smartphone-friendly gloves.

Images via The North Face

The standard version of the North Face Etip glove offers the classic design aesthetic of the brand in a wide range of colors (blue, black, red, khaki, camouflage, grey and others), which you can buy now for $44.95 here.

And while that option might suffice for most North Face fans, if you want to get a little fancier with your look, the North Face Women's Apex Etip Glove, which you can buy here for the same $44.95 price, provides a somewhat sleeker profile that nevertheless remains consistent with the brand's overall look.

Image via The North Face

Most Futuristic


Let's face it, you're here because you like technology. So while the other options all have their appeal, at least some of you out there will only be happy with touchscreen gloves that look like they're from a few decades in the future — but still contemporary enough to avoid drawing stares. Well, for that we suggest Mujjo, a tech-focused accessories maker based in the Netherlands.

Image via Mujjo

The Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves for Winter with 3M Thinsulate are, simply put, what your favorite Marvel superhero might wear during a stealth mission. No, the gloves don't come with any Iron Man-style powers, but they'll look right at home as you manipulate the very latest iOS or Android smartphone outside. Mujjo's futuristic touchscreen gloves can be yours for just $49.95, no pledge of fealty to The Avengers needed.

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Cover image via Mujjo

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