How To: Need a New Computer? Upgrade on the Cheap with These Refurbished Microsoft Surface Products

Need a New Computer? Upgrade on the Cheap with These Refurbished Microsoft Surface Products

If you're one of the many professionals transitioning to working from home amidst the current pandemic, there's a good chance you're now realizing how far behind your at-home setup is compared to what you had at the office.

If you're due for an upgrade but want to stick to a budget, consider buying a pre-owned computer — you'll be getting a device that's good as new but for a price that's far cheaper than what you'd pay for a brand-new product.

To help you out, we've rounded up four pre-owned Microsoft Surface products you can get right now. All are factory recertified or certified refurbished, which means you'll be getting a quality product that runs like new but for a fraction of the regular price. Read on for details:

#1: 2017 Surface Book 2 (256 GB Core i5)

This Surface Book 2 is everything you need it to be: a laptop, portable studio, and a tablet in one. Boasting a 13.5-inch touchscreen display and 256 GB of storage, this device lets you use the Surface Pen to draw as you would on a piece of paper and store your files securely.

The backlit keyboard is easier to type on, while the all-glass trackpad offers high-precision accuracy. The Intel Core i5 processor means you'll get all your work done quickly and efficiently and ensure that the WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity is lightning-fast. This model is from 2017 and features eight hours of battery life with every charge.

2017 Microsoft Surface Book 2 (256 GB Core i5). Image via

#2: 2018 Surface 2 (512 GB Core i7)

This 2018 Surface 2 features a lightning-fast Intel Core i7 processor with a speed of 2.9 GHz and a whopping 15 hours of battery life so that you never have to worry about stopping a day's work to recharge. The 13.5-inch LED display lets images and text pop off the screen, and you can store up to 512 GB of data on the device without slowing down performance.

Whether you're working from your living room or on the road, this is the ideal all-purpose laptop that ensures your productivity remains at the highest level.

2018 Microsoft Surface 2 (512 GB Core i7). Image via

#3: 2016 Surface Book (256 GB Core i7)

For those of you who don't need as much storage but want an all-day battery charge that doesn't skimp on speed or performance, this 2016 model is for you. The ultra-fast 8th gen Intel Core i7 processor boasts a speed of 1.9 GHz so you can multitask with ease. And, when you need to travel light, simply detach the screen from the dock and your tablet will fit anywhere.

2016 Microsoft Surface Book (256 GB Core i7). Image via

#4: 2016 Surface Book (512 GB Core i7)

For the budget-conscious, this 2-in-1 notebook is a dream. The 2016 high-performance laptop/tablet features an Intel 6th gen (Skylake) dual-core processor and 512 GB of storage. Twelve hours of battery life means that whether you're using it as a laptop to work or streaming movies on it as a tablet, you won't have to stop to plug in.

This is a powerful device at an incredible price, whether you're using it for your primary computer or one to carry around when needed.

2016 Microsoft Surface Book (512 GB Core i7). Image via

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