How To: Learn the Most Used Coding Languages for $30

Learn the Most Used Coding Languages for $30

Learning to code is difficult, but the potential of a little expertise in a few programming languages grants you is worth the effort. Learning to code won't just put you on one career path; many fields, from game design to data science, use coding languages. The All-in-One Coding Skills Bundle can be your start toward mastery of some of the most useful coding languages around for $29.99.

The All-in-One Coding Skills Bundle will give you a thorough overview of some of the most frequently used programming languages around, including Scratch, Kodu, Python, SQL, Flutter, C++, and ITIL. This bundle will also teach you how to apply this knowledge to various fields, with classes like "Learn Coding by Creating 3D Games with Kodu Game Lab" or "Master Flutter and Dart with a Complete Showcase Mobile App."

Your eyes won't start to glaze over as you dive deeper into the training, either. It will be easy to stay engaged with hands-on projects where you'll develop games like Pac-Man, Arkanoid, and Snake.

Each class is taught by Dr. Chris Mall, who holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Software Development and rated 4 out of 5 stars and higher. You'll have access to each one for a lifetime. With 25 hours spread among eight excellent courses, you can learn at the pace that suits you while leaving room for practice. And because you'll have access to this bundle for life, you can always refer back to it if and when you need a refresher.

On sale for 98% off of its regular price of $1,592, the All-in-One Coding Skills Bundle is only $29.99 for a limited time. Once you've mastered coding, get familiar with refining how people interact with the work you've built by becoming a UX designer.

Prices subject to change.

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