How To: Get Trained in UX Design with This Bundle

Get Trained in UX Design with This Bundle

Becoming a successful web developer is more than knowing coding languages. Learning to craft functional, intuitive designs is as much coding as knowing how the user will interact with what you've built. The Complete Become a UI/UX Designer Bundle can take you from introduction to mastery in designing the best user experience, and right now, it's only $34.99.

This bundle will teach you the theory behind UX design and the practical skills you'll need to put that theory to use. You will learn everything from how the UX process works to graphic design and color psychology. You will learn exactly how to design the best experience for your users, from the fonts and colors down to how they navigate your work.

Nine courses, 197 lessons, and 19 hours of content you can access for a lifetime will give you experience in this fascinating field that you can use to distinguish yourself in the web design field.

Each course is taught by Juan Galvan, a lifelong entrepreneur and founder of Sezmi SEO. With this bundle, you can learn from an established expert about a useful niche in a growing field. Classes like "How to Easily Create Highly Profitable Sales Funnels" will give you the practical, applicable experience you can take into job applications and apply to the work you're doing immediately.

The Complete Become a UI/UX Designer Bundle is on sale now for 98% off, costing you just $34.99 for a lifetime of expert instruction.

Prices subject to change.

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