How To: Become a Web Developer with This $30 Bundle

Become a Web Developer with This $30 Bundle

Even as we look forward to returning to work in person, the last year has changed how work can be done. That means there will always be a demand for good programmers and coders who can support the digital infrastructure of the online working world. The Backend Developer Bootcamp Bundle can give you the expertise you need to become a highly qualified programmer for only $29.99.

The Backend Developer Bootcamp Bundle gives you lifetime access to five incredible classes. You will master C# for a variety of functions and learn to use ASP.NET Core and SQL to solve practical problems you would encounter in the field of programming and IT.

Taught by Avetis Ghukasyan, a web developer with a Computer Science degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology, each course is designed to introduce you to a useful skill you would need as a web developer and show you how to master it. With 31 hours of content, you'll have plenty of instruction to listen to, and you can listen to it at your own pace as you practice the 268 different lessons and develop your skills as a web developer.

Learning to be a web developer is a safe career move that will provide an interesting, endless supply of work. For $29.99, discounted from $995, you can get The Backend Developer Bootcamp Bundle and get started on your career as a web developer right now. And while you're in the market for self-improvement, why not learn a language or two.

Prices subject to change.

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