How To: Jump Start Your Path to Fluency with 1 Year of Rosetta Stone

Jump Start Your Path to Fluency with 1 Year of Rosetta Stone

When we're young, learning a new language is as easy as learning anything else. There have been ample studies that show adults struggling to learn a new language are not alone. Learning a new language is hard, particularly when done outside the guidance of a teacher or a school setting.

To help you through the difficulties of learning a new language and launch you into fluency, there is the Rosetta Stone: 1-Yr Subscription (Unlimited Languages), now only $99.99.

The Rosetta Stone 1-Year Subscription gives you access to more than 24 languages that you can switch between at your convenience. Rather than working through the arduous process of learning a language at the pace of a class, you can take a full year to familiarize yourself with as many languages as you want from the comfort of your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You'll get access to phrasebooks full of greetings, phrases, expressions, and other easily understandable and practical lessons.

One of the benefits of a language class is access to someone who knows how a language is supposed to sound, but with Rosetta Stone's TruACCENT® speech engine, you'll be able to practice and fine-tune your pronunciation from the comfort of your own home. Rosetta Stone also offers live tutoring for those lessons that are just too hard to master alone.

Now only $99.99, the Rosetta Stone: 1-Yr Subscription (Unlimited Languages) is on sale from its normal price of $179. For one payment, you can get a full year of expert language instruction and jump-start your path to fluency. And while you're learning languages, why not learn coding languages too!

Prices subject to change.

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