How To: Become Amazingly Efficient with the Power of Google Sheets

Become Amazingly Efficient with the Power of Google Sheets

Google Drive has been a gamechanger in the business world. First launched in 2006, Google Sheets has become much more than an alternative to Microsoft Excel. The powerful spreadsheet program is a boon for efficiency that's accessible wherever you have an internet connection—or when you have time edit offline.

Go Fast with Google Sheets is your skeleton key to this masterful program. Taught by former Google engineer and professional app developer Grant Klimatys, you'll get an inside peek into Sheets across 15 informative lectures.

In the course, you'll learn Google Sheets's many time-saving shortcuts, which will cut down your time spent needlessly clicking, typing, and editing. After becoming familiar with Sheets, you'll also learn the top tips for utilizing this platform.

Beyond shortcuts, you'll explore styling, auto cell fitting, and editing. By the end of the course, you'll easily insert times, discover formulas, use comments, and chart all of your shortcuts. You'll even discover Sheets's powerful collaborative features for when you need to work with your entire team.

Grant Klimaytys is an app developer, author, and eCourse teacher. He's taught nearly a quarter-million people the ins and outs of Google Sheets, as well as iOS, C#, and JavaScript. His work and life embody the term "productivity master."

As one student raves of one of Klimaytys's Mac courses, "A brilliant course for beginners of Mac to step up to an intermediate level in 1 quick hour! Lecturer is extremely well spoken and makes everything as easy as 1 2 3."

Go Fast with Google Sheets is on sale now for just $15.99, a 91% discount from the list price.

Price subject to change.

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