News: The Best Black Friday 2018 Deals on Smartphone Cases

The Best Black Friday 2018 Deals on Smartphone Cases

The holidays are here, which means a slew of new smartphones are set to be gifted to loved ones in the spirit of giving. Of course, a great case to compliment and protect that precious flagship is a must, regardless of whether it's a OnePlus 6T, iPhone XS, or Galaxy Note 9. And while quality cases usually come with a hefty price tag, there are plenty of Black Friday deals to keep you from going broke.

You can grab smartphone accessories almost anywhere these days, but we focused on all the major online retailers so you won't have to fight crowds just to pick up a case or cover. Even still, there are tons of deals to be had, so now's the perfect time to get an early start on shopping for mobile accessories to give friends and family, so check out the Black Friday offerings we've rounded up below.

Option 1: Amazon

In terms of variety and convenience, Amazon is the best place to find smartphone cases this Black Friday. Best of all, you don't need to wait until that day to buy these cases at discount prices, as the deals are active for the entire week of Thanksgiving.

Just bear in mind that most of the deals are on for a limited time, and some are set to end well before Black Friday. As such, we'll be sure to stay on top of any changes that occur. In the meantime, here are all the sales we've found so far that aren't time-restricted lightning deals, which we'll add to as more specials emerge.

iPhone XS Max:

iPhone X/XS:

iPhone XR:

iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus:

iPhone 7/8:

iPhone 6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus:

iPhone 5/SE/5S:

Galaxy Note 9:

Galaxy S9 & S9+:

Galaxy S8 & S8+:


Option 2: Best Buy

Though it doesn't come close to Amazon in terms smartphone case selection, Best Buy still carries a wide assortment of cases, along with some decent deals to boot. Most notably, the retail giant carries officially-branded cases from Apple and Samsung to accessorize your iPhone or Galaxy. Besides those, Best Buy is also offering Black Friday deals for popular brands like OtterBox, Spigen, and Speck cases for both iPhones and Android OEMs like Google and LG.

Option 3: Walmart

Unlike Best Buy, Walmart doesn't stock official Apple and Samsung accessories, but they do offer some great deals on third-party cases. For Black Friday, the retailer is slashing the prices for OtterBox Defender cases for the iPhone XS, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6S Plus, 5, 5S, and SE.

Option 4: Target

If you still can't find that ideal iPhone or Android case in the stores listed above, be sure to check out Target, as it's also offering Black Friday deals to mark the start of the holiday season. In this case, the major retailer is shaving 40% off all OtterBox Symmetry cases for iPhones and Androids, which normally retail for around $44.99–$54.99

Stay Tuned for More Deals

That's all we have so far, but it's pretty much guaranteed that more specials will pop out from the woodwork as we get closer to Black Friday, so stay tuned as we post new updates.

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