How To: VeePN Keeps Your Online Identity Safe & Secure While You Browse the Internet

VeePN Keeps Your Online Identity Safe & Secure While You Browse the Internet

While sheltering at home orders are lifting, companies are still conducting most business online. Case in point, hackers have been having a field day over the last few months. Securing your identity has always been important, but never as much as it is at this moment.

A 10-device lifetime subscription to VPN by VeePN will protect your identity and all of your digital assets. The subscription is available now for a price drop of just $29.99.

VeePN provides all of the top-rate services you expect of a top cybersecurity service: access to 2,500+ global servers; lightning-fast connection speeds; Fort Knox-level encryption; and true incognito browsing, regardless of local restrictions.

With your lifetime subscription, you'll have unlimited traffic and bandwidth for every device. VeePN's DNS Leak prevention keeps you safe from identity or data theft. Thousands of servers are spread out over 48 locations that keep your connection fast and strong.

VeePN has a strict no-logging policy so that you truly remain anonymous. Backed by a bank-level, military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, VeePN's kill switch keeps your information secure in case of any unstable connections. The dedicated 24/7 support means you'll always have access to help from anywhere in the world.

As one subscriber says of VeePN, "Great to have secure access to the internet when we travel. Highly recommend. I wish I had bought this sooner, but in today's times you still have a chance to protect yourself." You heard it here first.

VPN by VeePN: Lifetime Subscription is on sale now for just $29.99. This price drop reflects a 95% discount from the original price.

Price subject to change.

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