How To: Understand Math Like an Engineer for Under $30

Understand Math Like an Engineer for Under $30

Do you believe you just don't have an intuitive sense of math? Sadly, this is the case for many people. The reality is that math is learned with practice. No one is born with a math gene making them more intuitive than others.

The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle will show you how to think like an engineer by teaching you the fundamentals of a range of mathematical concepts, from applied calculus and machine learning to data science and algebra 2.

The first four courses in this nine-course bundle focus on applied calculus for engineers. With these 219 lessons, you'll be guided from beginner's to advanced calculus principles. You'll develop a strong intuition of calculus principles as you apply this knowledge to 3D coordinate systems, learn how to perform mass calculations to varying densities, and discover how to use math in aerospace and robotics.

Data science and machine learning are two skills many employers are looking for. With 165 lessons devoted to these topics, you'll be schooled in linear equations, single matrix, vectors, determinants, and more. As one former student said of these lessons, "Amazing course for anybody who wants to get into data science and AI since Linear Algebra is very important for that."

People often think that math doesn't apply to real life. As you'll discover throughout these courses, that simply isn't true. Engineers build all of the infrastructures we rely on. You'll see concepts come to life right before your eyes.

The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle is taught by Aerospace and Robotics Engineer Mark Misin, who has taught thousands of people math fundamentals. As another student says of his Statistics course (also included in this bundle), "I'm amazed with the way the trainer is explaining concepts. Statistical terms are used while explaining the concepts, which is very appealing."

The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle is on sale now for just $28.99. Not a bad deal considering all the courses combined are valued at $1,195.

Price subject to change.

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