How To: Take Your Productivity to the Next Level with This Google Masterclass Bundle

Take Your Productivity to the Next Level with This Google Masterclass Bundle

Want to take your productivity to the next level in the new year? Whatever industry you're in, The Complete Google Master Class Bundle will teach you the tips and tricks to become more efficient and highly skilled in its most popular apps. Right now, the entire bundle is on sale for just $39.99 — that's an amazing 97% discount off the regular price of $1,990.

The complete bundle includes ten different courses and more than 35 hours of content to teach you everything you need to know to increase your productivity and brand visibility for your business by teaching you how to get the most from Google's apps like Google Trends, Analytics, and G Suite.

One of the best things about this bundle is that it will make mastering Google Analytics easy, so you can really take control, understand, and increase your website traffic. The Google Analytics for Beginners course will teach you all the fundamentals to go from total beginner to making data-driven decisions for your business. Then the Google Analytics Course will guide you further through practical, hands-on training in the useful tool. You'll even cement your new knowledge with the Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified & Earn More course, which will prepare you for the industry-recognized Google Analytics certification exam — perfect for adding to your resume or landing that promotion in the new year.

The courses are taught by leading industry experts, including Google Certified Marketer Daragh Walsh, who has taught more than 90,000 students across the world and has a 4.4-out-of-five-stars instructor rating, and top advertising agency founder and Google Certified AdWords pro, Isaac Rudansky, who comes with an impressive 4.7-out-of-five-stars instructor rating and has produced some of the bestselling courses in his categories.

Become a Google master today with The Complete Google Master Class Bundle, on sale right now with an incredible 97% off — just $39.99 (regular price $1,990).

Prices subject to change.

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