How To: Stay Safe with These Essential Social Distancing Tools

Stay Safe with These Essential Social Distancing Tools

Every state has begun reopening in some capacity. While there are important steps for everyone to get back to work and begin socializing, precautions will be in place for some time, especially with an expected second wave coming this fall. The virus is not over.

Keeping yourself and your family safe is the top priority. While the novel COVID-19 poses many risks, we know more about it now than three months ago. The following five items all address the new reality we'll be living in for some time.

This brass and nickel touch tool helps limit the spread of germs by keeping your hands off of everyday surfaces. Safefinger's flat tip allows you to press buttons without contact; the hook lets you open doors with ease. The hole makes for an easy finger grip while also serving as a key ring so that you never leave it at home. It's simple, yes, but effective nonetheless. The brass tip can help kill and slow the spread of microorganisms and germs. While Safefinger is applicable virtually everywhere, it's especially useful in coronavirus hotspots, such as hospitals, college dorms, nursing homes, and schools.

Masks are one of the most effective tools for slowing the spread of disease. Yet let's face it: many are poorly designed and uncomfortable to wear. Shoddily constructed ear straps or small facial coverings make many masks problematic. Due to the pandemic, BRIO stopped all operations to focus on designing respirator masks. The 3D comfort design and sturdy earloops make this a safe and comfortable mask to wear in public and while shopping. As one reviewer says, "The masks have a nice close fit around the nose and cheeks unlike disposable masks. Very light and comfortable." (Note: These masks are not N95. The masks have been tested to meet the standards for Chinese KN95.)

The two most common symptoms of the novel coronavirus are fevers and coughing, and so non-contact thermometers are going to be a way of life for the foreseeable future. Airports and gyms will likely be using them before allowing people inside. Stay ahead of the game by regularly monitoring your temperature with this medical-grade thermometer. Long gone are the days of putting a utensil under your tongue for a minute. This convenient thermometer measures your temperature in under one second. Infrared technology reduces the need for contact while the large-screen HD LCD display makes reading temperatures a snap. Bonus: use this thermometer in Object Mode to check the temperature of your tea, coffee, or any other liquid.

Disinfect any surface in under 10 seconds with this powerful UV light bar. Make sure your home, car, or public places you visit remain germ- and virus-free. This light bar is great for disinfecting laptops, phones, and door handles. The built-in battery lasts up to six hours on every charge. Lightweight and durable, keep it on you at all times. You'll also save money and hassle from having to constantly purchase disposable wipes and liquid sanitizers. As there are no chemicals involved, you'll never have to deal with residue or odors while keeping yourself safe.

One of the greatest germ carriers is your smartphone. This unique device both sterilizes and charges your phone. As a bonus, it freshens your device up with a built-in aromatherapy function. The UV-C light kills up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria and works with all Qi-enabled phones. Even better, it also sanitizes watches, glasses, earphones, and keys. The compact design makes it easily transportable while. Never worry about forgetting chemical sprays again.

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