How To: Start Managing Your Money & Investments Like a Pro with This Affordable Course Bundle

Start Managing Your Money & Investments Like a Pro with This Affordable Course Bundle

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard. With over 36 million American workers filing unemployment claims, finances are at the front of everyone's mind. Understanding your accounts has never been as important.

For some people, budgeting is a challenge. Others want to explore investing while the market is down. Whether you're seeking basic knowledge or curious about index funds, The Complete Finance Training & Investing Bundle is for you.

This eight-course bundle is extremely valuable at this moment. The Core Four of Personal Finance is designed to help you deal with the 2020 global recession. By identifying the four core tenants of personal finance you'll plot out a road map for navigating the current terrain. As one student says, "The course contains a great wealth of information on personal finance and the guy delivered it really well. I would recommend this course to others as well."

There's also a 32-lecture course on financially surviving this coronavirus. The fundamentals of recession psychology and preparation techniques help you to make the most of your money in turbulent times. Likewise, The Complete Personal Finance Course teaches you how to adjust your financial approach to maximize savings and invest wisely.

The other five courses deal with investment strategies, financial analyzation, stock markets, and index funds. You Won't Get Rich in the Stock Market is master investor Andrew Stotz's long-term plan for financial independence. You'll learn how to open a brokerage account, choose stock and bond ETFs, and understand Stotz's decision-making process when dabbling in the market.

Whether minimizing spending and maximizing profits is your goal, there's a course for you. The Complete Finance Training & Investing Bundle is on sale now for just $34.99, a 97% discount from the sticker price.

Price subject to change.

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