How To: Save 50% Off This 57-Piece PPE Bundle for a Limited Time

Save 50% Off This 57-Piece PPE Bundle for a Limited Time

The rush to secure face masks and hand sanitizers in March left many Americans concerned for their safety. With an expected second wave this fall, consider stocking up on PPE now.

The Social Distancing Sanitizing Bundle (Super Pack) is your peace of mind in one handy kit. This 57-piece pack includes the hygiene essentials you need to make sure you're following CDC guidelines.

Included in this bundle:

  • 10 face masks to keep your mouth and nose covered in public; sturdy ear straps ensure comfort and reliability
  • 40 magic towels for cleaning your face and hands while on the go
  • 2 bottles of 2 oz hand sanitizer, which kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria
  • 2 sanitizer cards that eliminate nearby airborne germs and bacteria
  • UV sterilizer bar for disinfecting most surfaces, such as car seats and elevator buttons, in under 10 seconds
  • Safe Touch N Go Keys, two aluminum alloy keys that let you open doors, press buttons, and pull levers without physically touching them

As researchers continue to understand this novel coronavirus, the best course of action remains social distancing and personal protection. While there are many unknowns about this new virus, we do know that remaining vigilant about your health and safety is the top priority.

The Social Distancing Sanitizing Bundle (Super Pack) is on sale now for $69.99, a 53% discount from the list price.

Price subject to change.

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