How To: This Python Course — Perfect for Beginners — Is on Sale at 92% Off Right Now

This Python Course — Perfect for Beginners — Is on Sale at 92% Off Right Now

Always wanted to learn Python but don't know where to start with the high-level programming language? The Basics for Python Development is perfect for beginners — and right now, it's on sale for just $14.99, which is an impressive 92% off its usual price of $199.

The course comprises 13 lectures on all the basics of Python Programming, totaling an hour of tutorial time, making it the ideal starting point to begin your journey as a Python programmer.

It'll teach you how to understand the programming language itself, as well as its basic functions and some of the basic, yet essential, applications of Python.

Python continues to grow in popularity, with a GitHub report last year confirming it had overtaken the likes of Java, PHP, and C++ to become the second most popular programming language. According to the experts at Indeed, it's also the most in-demand programming language in the USA job market who reported that the language was desired in the highest number of job postings earlier this year.

There's a good reason why Python is so popular. Not only does it have a simple yet powerful language design, but it's extremely versatile. Python can be used for automation, GUI Applications, making websites, designing web apps, and even hacking. Whether you're looking to learn it for work or fun, there's likely to be a Python application for you.

Usefully, this low sale price will also give you lifetime access to the course on both desktop and mobile, so you can always return to the lectures to brush up on any skills, too.

What better skill to start learning than one of the most in-demand ones in the job market today? Grab the Python for Beginners: The Basics for Python Development course for just $14.99 (usually $199) in the Gadget Hacks Shop now.

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