How To: Optimize Your Management Skills with Six Sigma's Proven Methods

Optimize Your Management Skills with Six Sigma's Proven Methods

Invented by Motorola engineer Bill Smith in 1986, Six Sigma's methodology defines a series of steps with specific value targets. These targets can be used, for example, to eliminate costs and process cycle time while increasing profits and customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma's techniques and tools for process improvement were so successful that Jack Welch used them to redefine General Electric's business strategy in 1995. Six Sigma's set of statistical methods help companies eliminate defects, cut costs, and increase profits across all sectors.

The method has a proven track record in supply chain management, finance, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. However, Six Sigma's techniques are not limited to those industries. With The All-in-One Six Sigma Certification Bundle, you can put Six Sigma's tools to use for your own career or business opportunities.

Every company wants to minimize errors while simultaneously cutting costs. Amazingly, many entrepreneurs and start-ups don't quite know how to accomplish these goals. Even established corporations are sometimes unlikely to change, even when leaders recognize the benefits.

The 951 lessons in this course will empower you to flaunt your knowledge during any job interview. A Six Sigma certificate will expose the holes in your company's methodology and inspire new ways of trimming the fat and instilling confidence in your co-workers.

Professional instructors at Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence have taught over 75,000 students the power of Six Sigma. Their highly-rated online courses teach everything the modern workers needs to make the most from their career.

The All-in-One Six Sigma Certification Bundle is on sale now for just $39.99. This represents a 97% discount from the list price of these courses.

Price subject to change.

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