How To: The One Engineering Certification You Don't Want to Miss

The One Engineering Certification You Don't Want to Miss

MATLAB, an acronym for "matrix laboratory," was created over 40 years ago to service the applied mathematics community. The powerful programming language now has over four million users worldwide and is of particular import to engineers, scientists, and economists.

While intended for numerical computing, MATLAB interfaces easily with other programming languages and is perfect for algorithm implementations and plotting of functions and data.

The Complete MATLAB Programming Certification Bundle is an ideal gateway into the exciting world of MATLAB. The seven-course bundle offers 232 expert lessons that cover a range of topics, including power electronics simulations, solar energy systems, and data preprocessing for machine learning.

Begin your journey by using MATLAB to solve elementary mathematics problems, produce 2D and 3D graphs, and build algorithms. The intro course teaches all of the language's basic capabilities, including using MATLAB as a calculator and building simple animations.

You'll quickly progress to using MATLAB and SIMULINK to build applications from scratch. Mathematical modeling systems used in mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical engineering will be demystified as you learn advanced techniques in modeling and simulating real-world applications.

By the end of this bundle, you'll understand a vast variety of commonly used data preprocessing techniques to maximize insights into your data sets. You'll be prepared to take the high-quality MATLAB certification courses and beginning speaking another programming language.

The Complete MATLAB Programming Certification Bundle is on sale now for only $34.99, a 98% discount from the list price.

Price subject to change. Software not included.

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