How To: Master Your Own Mind with This Brain Mapping Tool

Master Your Own Mind with This Brain Mapping Tool

Do you ever feel as if your mind is running away from you? What if you could map out all of those thoughts into a coherent map that helps you make sense of your reality? Well, now you can.

With MindMaster Mind Mapping Software: Perpetual License you can visualize all of those disparate thoughts on one map. By sorting out your thoughts and ideas, you'll be able to problem-solve like never before.

Visualizing your ideas is one thing. Articulating them onto a screen is a much harder task. As we rely on our vision to make sense of reality, MindMaster lets us work through our problems visually.

This unique mind mapping tool comes with 12 different map structures, 33 themes, and over 700 pieces of clip art so that you can customize your mind any way you want. Changing the colors and themes lets you customize this program to suit your needs.

Besides ideas, you can add hyperlinks, callouts, notes, and much more. Tying together the relationships between ideas enables you to visualize the steps needed to come to a conclusion. MindMaster's Brainstorming Mode lets you record your ideas more effectively than sitting and thinking alone.

WRCBtv is a fan. As they write, "MindMaster is one of the Edrawsoft groups, described 'as the best mind mapping design tool,' developed to allow anyone to visualize and design mind maps easily with numerous customized templates." MindMaster is rated 9.2/10 stars on FinancesOnline.

Start your mind mapping journey with MindMaster Mind Mapping Software: Perpetual License. At $49, you'll save 62% off the list price.

Price subject to change.

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