How To: Learn Python & AI with This $20 E-Book

Learn Python & AI with This $20 E-Book

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that learning to program is becoming a highly lucrative and useful skill. called coding "the skill you need today" if you want a job in some of the highest-paying fields out there. If the last year has proven anything, working online requires a strong digital infrastructure that someone has to help build. That someone can, and should, be you.

With the AI & Python Development eBook Bundle by Mercury Learning, you can get access to 15 e-books on Python, Artificial Intelligence, TensorFlow, and more — a comprehensive set of books that would normally cost you over $500 but are under $20 right now.

If you're the type of dedicated person who wants to take control of their professional future — the kind of person who takes every opportunity to boost their productivity and find new fulfilling work— then this book bundle is right for you. You can learn about the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, how to code with Python, and even how to develop games with your new coding expertise.

The AI & Python Development eBook Bundle can be used as a companion to an ongoing computer science education, or it can be used by itself as you learn from home. You will have lifetime access to all of this information, and with that, you'll have the potential to learn at your own pace. The authors of each book are experts in their field and are the same idols and teachers to established names in computer science. Oswald Campesato, author/co-author of over twenty-five books and a specialist in Deep Learning, Data Cleaning, Java, Android, and TensorFlow, is one such expert that has crafted these fascinating texts.

Compatible with Windows 7 and above and macOS, the AI & Python Development eBook Bundle by Mercury Learning is just $19.99, currently discounted by 96%. These books will provide a thorough breadth and depth of one of the biggest, most lucrative fields around.

Prices subject to change

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