How To: Learn How to Join the AI Revolution with These Courses

Learn How to Join the AI Revolution with These Courses

In the coming years, artificial intelligence (AI) will revolutionize every facet of technology and business. AI researchers are in high demand. Salaries in this field are regularly in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

AI is already disrupting and transforming numerous industries, including transportation, manufacturing, health care, education, media, and customer service. Businesses in practically every industry need experts to help lead them into the future.

The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle is your introduction to this exciting field. This four-course bundle teaches the fundamentals of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, and Tensorflow 2.0.

Machine Learning is how AI automatically learns and improves from experience without being explicitly programmed. This 40-hour course covers a number of Machine Learning models while guiding you from beginner to advanced techniques in this sub-field of Data Science.

Deep Learning is part of the Machine Learning family and is built on artificial neural networks. There are three modalities: supervised, semi-supervised, or unsupervised learning. In this 180-lesson course, you'll work on real-world data sets to apply numerous aspects from each modality. You'll also understand the ins and outs of artificial neural networks.

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that emphasizes code readability. While it is used in many industries, it is particularly useful for AI. In this 11-hour course, you'll tackle real-life analytical challenges, learn the core principles of programming, and begin to code.

Tensorflow is a free, open-source software library for dataflow and differentiable programming. Google uses it for research and production. Over the course of 133 lessons, you'll learn the features that simplify the development model and maintenance processes. This simplification will help you understand complex concepts that you'll then be able to apply in building artificial and recurrent neural networks. By the end, you'll build a bot that works as a stockbroker.

The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle is on sale now for just $34.99, a 95% discount from the list price.

Price subject to change. Software not included.

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