How To: Learn from Leaders Like Elon Musk & Tim Ferriss with Big Think Edge

Learn from Leaders Like Elon Musk & Tim Ferriss with Big Think Edge

If you're trying to learn a new skill, you wouldn't want to waste your time learning from someone with sub-par experience. No, you'd want to learn from the very best of the best to ensure you're getting a quality education.

The minds behind Big Think Edge get this, which is why they have designed their online learning platform to connect you with world-class teachers like Elon Musk, Tim Ferriss, Shane Battier, and more.

Learn about the economics of contagious disease from economist Jeffrey Sachs. Dive into critical journalism skills with Malcolm Gladwell, or learn the science of sleep and brain optimization techniques from Arianna Huffington.

All of these lessons and many more are available with Big Think Edge. Every week, three new exclusive lessons arrive in Edge member inboxes. Talks range from critical thinking and problem-solving skills to emotional intelligence, creativity, and global economics.

You'll have access to over 150 experts who are already on the platform. A lifetime subscription means that every month you'll receive at least a dozen new meaningful and actionable lessons from names you know and trust.

Speaking of trust, companies such as Pfizer, Citi, and Disney have all utilized Big Think's forward-thinking lessons. As subscriber Ian Wasseluk puts it, "It's an amazing resource—it clearly teaches each individual lesson by the best in the business."

Another Edge subscriber, Margaret Schwichow, puts it this way: "Love it! Brief videos packed with valuable knowledge. TED talks on steroids, maybe? Recommending to friends."

With your subscription, you'll also receive weekly member newsletters that feature bonus educational content, learner support guides, over 60 Deep Dive experiences, and notetaking space in the portal.

Lifetime subscriptions to Big Think Edge are on sale now for just $159.99. That's a 36% discount. Don't miss out on the education of a lifetime.

Price subject to change.

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