How To: Learn to Design Stunning Games with No Programming Experience

Learn to Design Stunning Games with No Programming Experience

GameGuru was created for game enthusiasts who are not programmers or designers. By offering catalogs with thousands of royalty-free assets, GameGuru lets design novices bring their visions to life.

The Complete GameGuru Bundle gives you eight "packs" featuring thousands of assets to build the game you've long wanted to create. You'll create stunning visuals and powerful characters with the platform's drag and drop tools.

Three Mega Packs provide you with everything you ever need to design a range of environments.

  • Mega Pack 1 offers over 530 assets for scenery, buildings, foliage, and towns. Assets include an Arabic town style, an Asian cyberpunk style, and a mystic's library.
  • Mega Pack 2 offers over 600 assets, including castles, dungeons, temples, and church interiors. Two-winged demon enemies are perfect for fighting, while decal animations add special effects to your games.
  • Mega Pack 3 offers over 400 war-torn buildings, ruins, furniture, and industrial machinery. You'll also enjoy the laser decals, industrial props, and sports items.

Included in this bundle is a Sci-Fi Mission to Mars Pack. Over 200 assets include martian terrains, seven characters, and martian skies. The Fantasy Pack arrives with a dessicated priest, goblins, ogres, orcs, and reptilian enemies; you'll also enjoy elixirs, potions, and runes.

The Death Valley Pack is perfect for the desert landscape of your dreams: snap together a sandstone town in minutes. Finally, the Buildings Pack lets you design the urban landscape you've always wanted to (virtually) run around in.

The Complete GameGuru Bundle is on sale now for just $29.99, an 85% discount from the original price.

Price subject to change.

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