How To: Learn Coding in Just One Hour a Day with This Top-Rated Course

Learn Coding in Just One Hour a Day with This Top-Rated Course

No matter the field you work in, tech dominates every industry in 2020, and that means that you can always increase your earning potential by adding valuable coding skills to your arsenal. Coding can lead to dream software development career paths, lucrative freelance work, and it can be an impressive boost to your résumé. Now, you can learn these valuable skills at home with The Complete One Hour Coder Bundle, an offer at an unmissable 97% off its usual price, at just $34.99 (usually $1,200).

This complete online foundation education includes lifetime access to six one-hour courses, comprising 108 lessons covering some of the most popular and in-demand programming languages, C++, CSS, Python, HTML, and JavaScript. Together, these courses provide everything you need for a well-rounded knowledge of all essential coding skills.

One of the most exciting things about the course is its introduction to Python, one of the hottest programming languages to learn right now. Understanding the high-level, general-purpose coding language gives beginner developers a robust skill-set that can be adapted to numerous projects, making it one of the most desirable programming languages to know in 2020.

It comes highly recommended: the tech experts at Mashable named the course "perfect for total beginners," while the courses each have an extremely impressive 4.9 average rating (out of five stars) from their users, too.

The one-hour online courses are ideal for first-time programmers, allowing you to learn in bitesize chunks, at your own pace. Plus, the lifetime access with this bundle means that you can always revisit them whenever you'd like to brush up on your knowledge, too.

Whether you want to embark on a new dream software programming career, or just want to enjoy learning a new skill, The Complete One Hour Coder Bundle is on sale in the Gadget Hacks Shop now for $34.99 — a 97% discount from its usual price of $1,200.

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