How To: Get Your Posture Straight with This Nifty Little Anti-Slouch Device

Get Your Posture Straight with This Nifty Little Anti-Slouch Device

Postural problems can lead to all sorts of problems, from back, hip, and neck pain to heartburn and digestive issues. Over time, balance problems, insomnia, fatigue, and even jaw misalignment can emerge. How you carry yourself matters.

When we first sit down, we're often aware that we need to sit up straight. Yet as we become consumed with work it's easy to fall into bad habits. We start to slouch and end up remaining in that position for hours. If only we had a reminder that told us when we were falling out of alignment.

Introducing UPRIGHT GO 2™: Perfect Your Posture Training Device, a multi-faceted posture correction tool that can either be placed directly onto your skin or worn as a necklace "techcessory" (sold separately). This small wearable has a big impact on your posture—and health.

The tiny smart trainer buzzes when you begin to slouch, reminding you to upright yourself. The free companion app tracks your postural progress. You can even create a personalized postural plan to track your alignment advancement.

Besides becoming stronger through better posture, you're also retraining muscle memory, so when you become consumed by your laptop your body remembers to upright itself.

With over 350,000 customers worldwide and over 10,000 five-star reviews, people are retraining their spines daily. The device is small and lightweight yet packs a powerful 30-hour battery life on every charge.

Pick up the UPRIGHT GO 2™: Perfect Your Posture Training Device today for just $89.99 and save 9% off the original price.

Price subject to change.

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