How To: Get Professional-Quality Branded Images in a Few Clicks

Get Professional-Quality Branded Images in a Few Clicks

Creating high-quality marketing content for your brand is labor-intensive to the point that it could be a job of its own.

RelayThat is a design automation app that will let you create your own professional-level marketing content in a fraction of the time it would take you to make it on other platforms manually. Right now, it's $47.99 if you use the code WELOVEMOM for 20% off sitewide. Otherwise, it's $59.99.

RelayThat allows you to make professional-level creative content without hiring a professional or putting in the work to become one yourself essentially. You can choose from over three million copyright-free stock images or another branded creative work, and then RelayThat will produce thousands of designs for you to use on any platform. Whether your brand is long-established or a growing startup, professional-grade marketing is something you can benefit from.

If your brand has a standard format, color palette, or font, you can choose from converting presents, uploading your own fonts, and changing the layout of any post you make. You can even collaborate with other designers, employees, or other affiliates using the team sharing feature.

If you have multiple marketing initiatives or just a lot you need to get across, you can easily switch between multiple brands or projects with one click. If you're working on your SEO, you can use the Image SEO automation and add keywords and drive traffic to your brand. SEO is one of the skills that make professional marketers an asset to your brand, but with RelayThat, you can do your SEO yourself. Once your image is ready, you can save high-quality PNG versions or more web-friendly JPG images.

Start getting more eyes on your brand with professional-looking content you can make in a few short clicks. You can get the RelayThat Design App: Lifetime Subscription now for $47.99 if you use the code WELOVEMOM for 20% off sitewide. If not, it's going to be $59.99, which is still a great deal.

Prices subject to change.

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