How To: Get 52% Off This Game-Changing AI Typing Software That Will Cut Your Typing Time in Half

Get 52% Off This Game-Changing AI Typing Software That Will Cut Your Typing Time in Half

If you do a lot of typing every day — writing reports, essays, emails, and whatnot — we can guarantee your day would be improved by taking less time to do it. Thankfully, we've found a super-smart AI-powered tool that will do just that, and right now, you can get an amazing 52% off a Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software: Lifetime Subscription for the sale price of just $79.99 (regular price $169).

Using futuristic artificial intelligence, Lightkey Pro will predict your text for you, allowing you to quickly write official reports and documents, type notes at warp speed, and compose emails a whole four times faster. All of this will take your productivity to the next level, allowing you to spend more time on the things you really want to do.

The software uses word prediction powered by AI to gradually learn your typing patterns over time so that it can predict up to 12 words ahead while providing real-time suggestions for spelling errors, too.

This tech is also smart enough that you can be confident that its predictions will be appropriate for your professional context, as it learns your typing habits as well as uses deep learning to understand and apply the context of more than sixty different areas so that it predicts the most relevant terms for your industry — from technology and business, to finance, law, academia, and more.

This leading text prediction software also works with all the most popular apps you're likely to use every day, including MS Office Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint, as well as Google Chrome apps. Plus, it will never send your content to the cloud.

The top typing tool also comes highly recommended by expert reviewers, with Zapier praising, "Type less with this fast and accurate predictive text app." Meanwhile, Analytics India Magazine said, "Lightkey is giving a stiff competition to Google's Smart Compose."

Upgrade your typing tech and become instantly more productive with a Lightkey Pro Text Prediction Software: Lifetime Subscription, on sale now with a huge 52% off for just $79.99 (regular price $169).

Prices subject to change.

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