Deal Alert: Learn the Basics of C++, Node.js, Adobe Mixamo & Unity for the Price of a Chromecast

Learn the Basics of C++, Node.js, Adobe Mixamo & Unity for the Price of a Chromecast

You've spent untold hours playing your favorite games. You know what you love. More importantly, you know what can be improved upon. The distance between vision and reality is not as far as you think. You just need a bit of training.

That's where The Hands-On Game Development Bundle comes in. These 162 lessons spread out over 10 courses will empower you with the knowledge to start creating your own games within weeks at home.

Are you a master strategist? One popular course will guide you through the process of building and managing a colony on Mars using the Unity game engine. By diving deep into resource management and grid placement during these 11 lectures, you'll learn everything necessary to expand into more ambitious projects.

If you're seeking to learn or level up your programming skills, the 21-lecture course on C++ fundamentals is designed for you. This all-purpose language is one of the most popular among game developers. Upon finishing the tutorials you'll be ready to bring any vision to life with C++.

Another popular platform is the Godot game engine, and this bundle has you covered there as well. You'll receive a stellar education in building 2D and 3D games. In these 16 lessons, you'll learn everything needed to design a game from scratch.

On top of all this, you'll learn to create dynamic humanoid animations with Unity and Adobe's 3D animation software, Mixamo; move into augmented reality by designing a spaceship; and even optimize your games for mobile. It's all here.

The best news: The Hands-On Game Development Bundle is yours for only $34.99, over 90% off the list price of these hands-on, detailed courses. Don't miss out, as this deal won't last long.

Prices subject to change.

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