Deal Alert: Kickstart Your Career in Software Development for Under $16

Kickstart Your Career in Software Development for Under $16

The job market has bounced back slightly in recent months, yet it appears that working remotely will be a way of life for many of us moving forward. With many industries disappearing, app development looks like it's here to stay.

The Complete Developer Bootcamp is your ticket to a new career in the exciting field of software development. Right now, this four-hour course is on sale for just $15.99.

In this popular course, you'll learn best practices in software development such as code quality gates, coding standards, Agile, unit testing, test automation, estimations, branching strategy, business analysis, and more.

These 35 lessons will help you identify and fix software bugs, understand how to improve product quality, recognize different testing protocols (and when to use them), and deploy code to launch apps. By the end, you'll also understand the benefits of Agile methodology and know the importance of the latest coding standards.

The course is taught by Maksym Rudnyi, a Senior Software Engineer with over eight years of production experience in web development. With over 34,000 students, Rudnyi has a 4.1/5-star rating on his popular Udemy courses.

As one student writes about this Bootcamp, "Good content. The instructor is experienced and the content is well informative. Overall a good course for a beginner."

The Complete Developer Bootcamp is on sale now for just $15.99, a 91% discount from the list price.

Price subject to change.

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