Deal Alert: For Under $60, You Can Have Access to Over 1.2 Million Vector Images

For Under $60, You Can Have Access to Over 1.2 Million Vector Images

The frustration of searching for the perfect image can be overwhelming. Then there's the issue of copyrights: Can you use it? Do you have to give credit? Are you allowed to manipulate the image?

Say goodbye to that problem with a lifetime subscription to VectorGrove Unlimited Vector Images, which is on sale for just $59.99 right now.

VectorGrove simplifies your design projects by giving you access to over 1.2 million royalty-free vector images. Broken down into dozens of categories, you can quickly and easily discover what you need, including infographics, cartoons, icons, and a variety of unique fonts, all of which are editable.

Use this giant variety of images for your website, social media campaign, business cards — anything that needs a sharp design edge. You can download the images an unlimited number of times. Being vector-based, you can scale every image to whatever size you need, for online or print.

As one user, Michael L, says, "I was looking for some suitable icons for a mobile app and found many that were great. The ability to DL Vector images and edit them is really useful. The search function on the site is good."

Ignacio R concurs, writing, "This is a great deal. Only vector images, but a huge amount of them! Many vectors are so nice you can use them in replacement of photos for your blog or social posts. You can find a huge variety of quality vectors not present in other platforms."

VectorGrove Unlimited Vector Images: Lifetime Subscription is on sale now for $59.99, a 98% discount from the original price.

Price subject to change.

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