How To: Create the Next Big Video Game by Learning Unity 2D with This Course Bundle, Now 98% Off

Create the Next Big Video Game by Learning Unity 2D with This Course Bundle, Now 98% Off

Whether you've always dreamed about making your own video games for fun or a career, now you can make the dream a reality with The Unity 2D Game Developer Bundle. Not only does this complete course include a ton of content, but it's not often you get to learn such valuable skills at such a low price. Right now, this course is a huge 98% off its original price, at just $39.99 (regular price $2,189).

This bundle covers an impressive 174 lessons across 11 courses, which will give you practical guides that walk you through creating your own games: from educational math games and retro Atari-style shooters to Super Mario-style arcade 2D platform games, to name a few.

Leading instructors run the practical game development walkthroughs from Zenva Academy, which has earned a highly respected 4.4/5 rating from users. It's trusted by more than 500,000 learners and developers to deliver world-class training for building games, apps, and cybersecurity.

These courses will teach you to make exciting elements such as health and damage systems, creating sprites, working with enemies, implementing puzzles, and working with multiplayer gameplay, all of which comes extremely highly reviewed by users. Every single course in the bundle has more than a 4.4 out of 5-star rating.

Meanwhile, this bundle also includes a useful three-hour training course on making games on GameMaker Studio 2 using GML, teaching you pieces of code which you can then convert for use in your own other games. This course also comes top-rated, with a 4 out of 5 average rating from its alumni.

Not only are these practical walkthrough courses fun, but they'll also leave you with real-world skills to use in your potential game development career.

Unlock the key to making your own games with The Unity 2D Game Developer Bundle right now, for just $39.99 — a huge 98% off the regular price of $2,189.

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