How To: Converting Text to Speech Will Transform Your Productivity

Converting Text to Speech Will Transform Your Productivity

Once you start converting text to speech, you'll never go back. Allowing you to easily listen to large amounts of text while multitasking, the Notevibes Text to Speech Personal Pack: Lifetime Subscription will transform your daily productivity at home, work, school, and anywhere else you may be. Even better: it's on sale now for just $69.99, which is a huge 87% off the regular price of $540.

The innovative app uses a simple interface that converts text to realistic-sounding speech in seconds. It will also allow you to customize the voice reading your text to suit your personal listening preferences by adding pauses, changing its speed and pitch, and adding emphasis and voice control. You can even choose from 18 languages and 177 different natural-sounding male and female voices to listen to your text with. The software also allows you to download the converted audio as an MP3 or WAV for offline listening.

Great for e-learning and working from home, Notevibes is ideal for reading long essays, revising for exams, getting through long reports for work, and dictating back long emails, making easy-to-listen-to audio out of any text. This means that you can consume anything you need to read while out walking the dog, working out, or cooking; it makes your day way more efficient and productive and your "reading" time more enjoyable in the process.

What's more, this incredible offer also gives you lifetime access to the software. So once you get used to converting text to speech in your everyday work and school life, you'll never have to go back.

It also comes highly reviewed by users. One recent five-star reviewer commented, "Notevibes is a perfect solution for both personal use and businesses. Most importantly, it also has a very easy to use interface with 157 natural-sounding, high-quality voices available."

Take your productivity to the next level today with the Notevibes Text to Speech Personal Pack: Lifetime Subscription, on sale right now with an amazing 87% discount for just $69.99 (regular price $540).

Prices subject to change.

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